12 Best Prospecting Tools For Sales
Find Email Addresses, Generate Leads And Close More Deals.

12 Best Prospecting Tools For Sales

Looking to streamline your prospecting efforts? You’ll find below a list of the 12 best prospecting tools for sales.

Like most founders or sales people, you need the right tools to constantly feed your pipeline, bring in new customers and manage your leads. Tools that can help you build you prospect list faster, engage with your prospects in a scalable way and obviously close more deals.

That’s why we have gathered a list of the 12 best prospecting tools for sales on the market.


Pipedrive – Centralize Your Prospecting Efforts In One Powerful CRM

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use and powerful customer relationship management tool made for Small Businesses. With 95,000 paying customers across 155 countries, Pipedrive will help you manage your leads, track communications, automate workflow, access insights and reports, on your computer or mobile device.

Pricing starts at $15 / month / user.

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Pipedrive CRM and Prospecting Tool

Lemlist – Send Cold Emails That Get Replies

Lemlist is a tool powering sales teams, agencies, and B2B businesses to personalize and automate cold emails. Through personalization, one can build warmer relationships with prospects and add a much-needed personal touch without sacrificing the ability to send emails at scale. 

Pricing starts at $29 / month.

Prospect.io – Automate Your Prospection

Prospect.io allows you to build email list, set up emailing campaigns and measure the results of your campaigns with their analytics interface. You can use their Chrome extension to find email addresses quickly and their integration with Pipedrive to bring your sales to the next level.

Pricing starts at $90 / month.

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Prospect.io Prospecting Tool


ProspectIn – Linkedin Prospection Made Easy

Prospectin is a tool that can automated your Linkedin prospection in less than 15 minutes per day. Their interface lets you automatically invite new connections, send personalized message, export e-mails and create automated scenarios.

Pricing starts at $10 / user / month.

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 PropsectIn Prospecting Tool on Linkedin


NoCRM – Manage Your Pipeline Efficiently

NoCRM is a Lead Management SaaS built for sales people. Create your leads in seconds and manage your pipeline efficiently from end to end.

Pricing starts at $12 / month / user.

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 NoCRM Prospecting Tool and CRM


Kaspr – Find Prospects Contact Infos Easily

Kaspr is a lead generation platform that will help you find your prospects contact infos (e-mails, phone number) easily. You can use both their search engine or their Linkedin Plugin to enrich your prospects database.

Pricing starts at 39€ for 50 searches / month. They also offer a free version.

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MixMax – Increase Your Sales Productivity

MixMax is a Gmail-based sales productivity software that enables you to engage 1 to 1 communications with your prospects, personalize e-mails and automate your sales workflow.

Features include 1 click scheduling, templates, e-mail tracking and CRM sync.

Pricing starts at $9 / user / month.



Hunter – Email Finder Software

Hunter is a web-based email search and verification tool that helps find and verify your prospects professional email addresses from their company name or web domains.

Prices start at $55 / month for 1000 requests. A free version is available for 50 requests / month.



BuiltWith – Sales Intelligence Tool 

BuiltWith is a lead generation and sales intelligence tool that lets you find prospects based on the technologies they use: shopping carts, analytics, hosting & many more.

Pricing starts at $295 / month.



YesWare – Gmail Add-on For Sales Prospecting

YesWare is Gmail tracking Add-on that allows you to create template, send and manage personalized emails. Features include email tracking, customizable email templates and CRM integrations.

Pricing starts at $12 / month.



Linkedin Sales Navigator – Search & Target Prospects on Linkedin

The world’s largest professional network has launched Sales Navigator, a tool that gives you more search filters and detailed information on your prospects and access to InMail credits to reach out to them.

Pricing starts at $65 / month.



VoilaNorbert – Intelligent Email Verification Tool

VoilaNorbert is an intelligent email verification tool that can verify emails at scale and enrich your leads with more data.

Pricing starts at $49 / month. A limited free version is available.

Conclusion: there are many tools out there to help sales people find, reach and manage their prospects. In this list, we’re covering the 12 best prospecting tools for sales in our opinion. But there are many more! Let us know if you’ve heard of any other tool that could help the sales prospect better.

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