12 Tools To Find Companies Email Addresses

12 Tools To Find Companies Email Addresses

Finding companies email addresses is a must for any business today. 

And when it comes to choosing a tool that can help in doing so, it can be a bit blurry. From email verifiers to lead generation software, there are various ways to find the precious information that you need. It all depends on your target. Providing your sales team with a list of high-quality prospects will not require the same software and strategy than aiming at specific individuals. 

Here is a list of 12 diverse tools that can help you find companies email addresses, implement your own strategy and bring more leads for your business. 

Hunter.io – Find Companies Email Addresses

Hunter is a web-based email search and verification tool that helps find and verify your prospects professional email addresses from their company name or web domains. It also has a chrome extension that provides you with addresses behind the websites you’re browsing.

Pricing starts at $38/month. 

hunter.io - find companies email addresses


Kaspr – Retrieve contact details and extract them on a single platform

Kaspr is a lead generation software that will help you retrieve contact details of your prospects, extract them and add them on a platform. You can use both their search engine or their Linkedin Plugin to enrich your prospects database.

Pricing starts at $43/month.

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Kaspr - find companies email addresses


Prospect.io – Build email lists, set up campaigns and drive results

Prospect.io allows you to find companies email addresses, build email lists, set up emailing campaigns and measure the results of your campaigns with their analytics interface. You can use their Chrome extension to find email addresses quickly and their integration with Pipedrive to bring your sales to the next level. 

Pricing starts at $76/month.

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prospect.io - find companies email addresses


PhantomBuster – Extract data with a code-free automation software

PhantomBuster is a code-free automation and data extraction software that gives you the tools to find companies email addresses, generate business leads and marketing audiences. PhantomBuster provides you with automated bots in order to collect data from different websites. All extracted data is saved in the cloud. 

Pricing starts at $20/month. They also have a free plan.

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 phantombuster - find companies email addresses


Captain Data – Extract data and scale workflows for your team

Captain Data specializes in data extraction. Their SaaS platform allows you to extract any type of data from any website, making business data accessible by anyone. It helps you build an automated sales process and scale workflows for your team. 

Pricing starts at $55/month.

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captain data


Datananas – Build prospect lists and automated sequences

Datananas is a sales engagement software that helps you build consistent prospect lists and automated sequences in order to generate a predictable revenue pipeline for your business. They also offer a large number of integrations such as Pipedrive, Zapier and Twilio.

Pricing starts at $28/month.

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ColdCRM – Find Companies Email Addresses


ColdCRM gives you access to a 320 million contacts and 43 millions businesses database in order to boost your business prospects source. It integrates with 10 industry leading tools such as Pipedrive and Freshsales, and automatically enriches your CRM so as you can work with accurate and validated information. 

Pricing starts at $120/month.

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SellHack – Browser extension to import emails from social profiles

SellHack works as a browser extension that helps you create a targeted list of emails you can reach out to. It allows you to import email addresses from your target’s social profiles. In case an accurate email cannot be found, SellHack provides you with a copy-all button so as you can reach out to different variations. 

Pricing starts at $3/month.



ScrapingBee – Web-scraping API to gather data from any website

ScrapingBee is a web-scraping API that allows you to gather data from any website. They also released an API-store that retrieves formatted data to scrap popular websites such as Instagram, Google or TripAdvisor, without having to maintain the scraping code.

Pricing starts at $9/month

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TrueLeads – Find Companies Email Addresses on Linkedin

TrueLeads Chrome extension allows you to find companies email addresses on LinkedIn. It matches your profile with their proprietary database of more than 200 million contacts, allowing you to get all the information needed to build an accurate prospect list. 

Pricing starts at $29/month.

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Findmassleads – Retrieve large datasets on your prospects

findmassleads provides web technology-related startups, small and medium-sized companies with technology data to help them find interesting leads for their product or service. It covers 683+ web technologies, saas, plugins and apps. It retrieves a large dataset such as language, tech stack, global ranking, estimate of monthly tech spend, favicon url, email addresses, phone numbers, social links.

Pricing starts at $13/month.

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Lusha.co – Gather contact information and enrich your prospect list

Lusha is designed to help B2B businesses gathering contact information, from email to phone number. It has proven success in helping Sales professionals, as well as HR and Marketing teams, to build their email campaigns. Their extension automatically scans profile pages, in compliance with data regulations. They also integrate with many CRM, such as Pipedrive, Hubspot or Zoho. 

Pricing starts at $75/month. 



Conclusion: there are plenty of other tools to experiment on the market – yet these are the 12 we recommend you to consider. Regardless, finding companies email addresses cannot be your only source of growth. Experimenting different marketing channels, focusing on your product development, improving your customer experience, are other priorities to consider on the path to success. 

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