Monitor Your Google Ranking With Octopulse

Monitor Your Google Ranking With Octopulse

3 reasons to track your Google rank daily with Octopulse

Why is the ranking of a website on Google so important ?

The challenge for each startup or SME’s website (showcase site, e-commerce, …) is to be visible on Google. The goal is to reach the first results of the first page, which concentrates 95% of traffic, and to increase visits to increase sales, awareness and lead generation.

The first important step to lay the foundations of your SEO actions is the choice of your main keywords. These target keywords must be expressions searched by internet users on Google and linked to your activity and to the content of your site.

The objective is, for each of these expressions, to appear on the first page of the search results, but above all to appear as high as possible.

Example of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) on Google

Indeed, Google’s statistics show that the first position collects almost 30% of clicks (this can go up to 60% in the case of a brand search), the second position collects 25%, and the third 20%. The results beyond, therefore take around 25% of search traffic.

“Beyond the first page of Google results, traffic is residual.”

Reaching the first rank for a target keyword in SEO will therefore have the effect of considerably increasing the visits to your site, with high possibilities that among these visitors, some will buy your products and services.

Which elements of your website influence your positioning on Google

In-page criteria

Today, the way your page is optimised is the criterion, said in-page, the most important for natural referencing. Here are the most significant factors:


  • Title tag
  • Text structuring in Hn tag
  • Sitemap
  • Mobile friendly
  • Meta description tag
  • Alt and title attributes for images

The content

  • Main keyword synonyms
  • Outgoing links
  • Language of the content

Off-page criteria

Google is also looking at factors external to your site. Here are some of the main off-page criteria:

  • Quantity and quality of backlinks
  • Number and relevance of those backlinks

Off-page criteria

Finally, your domain name can also have an impact on your SEO. Some of the domain signals are no longer as important as they used to be, but still deserve attention :

  • Age of domain name registration
  • Domain name extension
  • Target keyword in the domain name

Why is it so important to make a daily position monitoring?

Each of the criteria mentioned above establish optimization levers with a define impact on positioning.

Measure the evolutions of positions

Tracking positions and traffic allows you to measure the impact of your SEO efforts, identify strengths, weaknesses, effective solutions that optimize SEO.

It also measures the impact of a technical or content update on your site, or even a significant change made in the Google algorithm.

The choice of keywords to optimize

What keywords to follow to control the SEO performance of your site when tracking positions ?

Your website must be positioned on the most important keywords for your business. You can immediately mention your brands that establish your identity on internet.

Next come the keywords that correspond to your core business, those that define what you sell.

If you have a local activity, where the geographic dimension is important, it is relevant to follow your positioning on target queries associated with notions of geolocation.

Acknowledge a sanction by Google (or error)

As you can see, meeting the criteria of the Google algorithm allows you to appear at the top of the results page. But the reverse is also true ! Failure to comply with any if these rules may result in a penalty from Google.

There are two kinds of penalties:

The minor penalty which only concerns a few keywords

The major penalty which impact the whole website. It won’t be visible anymore.

In the error category, there are the technical ones, sometimes due to redesigns and which also cause significant falls in position. Missing a robots.txt ? No-index on your pages ? The list is long…

Although the most reliable indicator to identify a decline in SEO positions is traffic, a positioning analysis is often crucial. Indeed, if the fall in traffic took place on a date that does not favor comparative analysis, position tracking is the solution.

This is why daily and regular monitoring with the possibility of setting up alerts, is essential. It is of course necessary to have previously set up a positioning monitoring,  which implies the choice of a reliable tool and a list of relevant keywords.

Why is it so important to make a daily position monitoring ?

Registration on Octopulse

Select and manage your keywords

Not sure where to start building your keyword list ? Don’t panic, Octopulse takes care of it.

The keyword selection interface

List of keywords generated by Octopulse

Octopulse’s approach to suggesting relevant keywords is based on the analysis of your semantic universe. Beyond the position tracking functionality, the suggested keywords are also very useful for structuring your articles.

Monthly search volume statistic of the keyword

The search volume statistic gives you an estimate of the number of people who type this query on Google in a month. In turn, this gives you an order of magnitude regarding the potential traffic to your website if you are in position 1 of Google.

Assessment of the level of competition on the keyword

The competition indicator of a keyword in the user interface of the app gives you an idea of how difficult it is to reach the first page of Google on this keyword. The higher the competition for a keyword, the more content, links and promotion you’ll need to reach the first page.

List of your selected keywords

When a keyword suggested by the Octopulse algorithm or added manually is selected, you always have the option to remove it. You can add 10 keywords with the free version of Octopulse. It goes up to 500, if you have the Octopulse Pro subscription (19€/month). You can benefit 6 months free thanks to the code 6CRET.

Daily follow your ranks on Google


The first thing you see when you open your position tracking project is a dashboard with the following features:

Mobile / Computer filter: your positions on Mobile or Desktop

Analysis period: choose the desired analysis period

Average position: indicator of the evolution of the average position over the period analyzed

Number of keywords on the first page: your selection of keywords in the top 10 of Google

Attendance rate: indicator of the percentage of keywords of your selection in the Google top 100

The position tracking table and the evolution graph

The keyword position tracking interface

The table tab which gives the view on a table with 4 columns:

Keywords: list of keywords you have selected. A badge will tell you if an opportunity to improve positioning is detected

Position: your position on Google for the associated keyword. A small sticker completes the position to indicate the number of position won over the period

Monthly searched: estimate of the number of users who type the request monthly

Competition: difficulty indicator to reach the first page of Google results

Then, the graph tab shows the evolution of your average position over the selected period.

Graph of the evolution of the mean rank

The graph will allow, among other things, to easily detect the date from which a sudden fall in positions took place, whether as a result of an algorithmic penalty, a negative SEO attack or simply an error. human.

Do you want to take advantage of the windfall of traffic from Google to increase your sales and your leads?

Start monitoring my ranking !

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