Sales Cold Email Templates That Drive Results

Sales Cold Email Templates That Drive Results

Email has now become an indispensable approach to communication. Whether you are a business developer or a recruiter, improving its opening rate is essential. To do this, you need the right tips. Anne-Charlotte L’AZOU, Marketing Manager at helps you on this subject. 

“A user receives an average of 39 emails a day.”

A good email approach is essential when we know that a user receives an average of 39 emails per day. You have to be convincing from the very first sentences to keep the attention of the interlocutor. A prospecting email must respect codes, to convince your prospects. You must master approach, follow-up or sales nurturing emails.

Commercial prospecting in general, extends over a period of 30 to 70 days depending on your needs and objectives.  It is necessary to segment the targets and direct your message thanks to lead relationship management with a personalized message.

Lead generation is an essential step to obtain email addresses and phone numbers. Lead generation consists in obtaining the contact details of targeted prospects. The leads are then contacts that you hope to become customers.


Why start generating leads?


“A sales rep spends 20% of his time looking for contact information.”

When you try to contact a specific person, whether on linkedIn or via another platform, it can take a long time, can’t it? LinkedIn is a very useful tool and allows you to get in touch with your prospect  and send him an InMail, but what is your return rate? A sales person spends on average 20% of his time looking only for contact information !  Lead generation will then be very useful at that moment and you will avoid having to analyze a company’s website and spend a week getting the prospect’s email thanks to LinkedIn.

Saving time is often linked with efficiency and productivity. With Kaspr, this theory is verified. Once your prospects are targeted, you can find their contact information in a simple click and focus on selling your product or service. Lead generation allows you to showcase your real sales skills and takes time consuming tasks away from you and we won’t bring you any business.

Here are 3 examples of prospecting emails that we find relevant to convert your prospects into customers:

Introductory mail / Approach

Hello Mr/Mrs/Mrs [Name]

I’m contacting you to follow up on [Event].

I am [First name][Last name] and work for the company [Company name + presentation].

In order to get all the benefits of [Prospect’s activity] I propose to discuss the solutions that could be brought together.

Would you be available for a brief telephone exchange next Thursday at 10 am?


[First name] [Last name]



“Relaunching by phone has proven to be very effective.”

Once your first prospecting email has been sent, we advise you to wait a maximum of 2 days before contacting your contact again. You then have several options : You can either contact your contact again by email or by phone. In general, I advise you to call your contact by phone before sending him/her a second email. If your email has been opened, you can easily approach the contact : he knows your activity since he has read your email and for a reason, has not answered you. Having him by phone is a simple, fast and efficient method that allows you to directly identify the expectations of your interlocutor and see what approach you can take afterwards. With Kaspr, you can find in a few seconds, the phone number of your prospect so you have the opportunity to contact him either by phone or email.

If you opt for a reminder by email and not by phone, here is an example of a reminder:

Mister/Madam [Name],

I’m contacting you to make sure you received my email from last week. As a reminder, my name is [First name][Last name] and I work for [company name + presentation].

Would you be available for a brief telephone exchange at the weekend ?

Or maybe you would prefer to send me another contact from you in charge of this type of projects ?

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you an excellent day,


[First name] [Last name],



You can call your contact as many times as you like. A piece of advice: never let go of a prospect until he or she has said no and the reasons why they refuse to work with you. Maybe you didn’t contact them at the right time ? Maybe they are using a similar alternative ?

What we can advise you is to gradually space out the email reminders, once a month, once every 3 months etc., so that they don’t forget you and are constantly aware of your news.

“Maintain a relationship to gradually increase interest in your services.”

Another approach that also works well is prospecting via Sales Nurturing. 

The goal of mail sales nurturing is to offer content that meets the objectives and needs of prospects. Sales Nurturing or lead nurturing consists in approaching prospects from a different angle, prospects who are not ready to become a customer right away. The objective is to create demand and to propose your product at the right time. More concretely, nurturing consists in maintaining a relationship with the prospect to gradually increase his interest in your services.

It is therefore difficult to present you a sales nurturing email since it differs according to each possible scenario of your business. Some steps are however essential. Here are the steps to follow to reach the curiosity of your prospects:

Show that you already have information about them, that you are interested in them. This will attract their attention. Show that you know their needs and interests , Add value by proposing an offer adapted to the prospect’s needs, Show relevance, Inspire confidence, Present the advantages of the offer, Show that the objective is to help them and not to conclude a transaction.

Note that an email subject is very important to arouse the interest and curiosity of the interlocutor. It must also be consistent with the email so that the interlocutor does not think of wasting time and does not respond to your message.


What is And how it will help you? is a lead generation tool that allows you to retrieve contact information (email and phone number). The tool completely automates your lead generation and prospecting stage, thanks to its automation and recent integration with Email marketing platform of several CRMs.

All the information that get, come from public sources on the web. The information is thus put online by the Internet users themselves, then found in real time by Kaspr. Magic right?

With its Gmail integration, Kaspr allows you to send emails directly from the dashboard to your generated contacts to save even more time.

Do you use email marketing platform ? We are also integrated with Lemlist and Sendinblue. Send the contact directly to your pre-established lists. The contacts obtained from LinkedIn will be automatically inserted into your email sequences or workflows !  Use the templates seen in this article for maximum performance. Most important is the automatic personalization in your emails.

We have presented the email templates, Kaspr on his blog also gives you tips for a successful phone prospecting, to see the article >>> Click here <<<< 

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